On Call® Plus II

The second generation of the popular On Call® Plus glucose meter has been redesigned for even greater ease of use and meets the latest ISO 15197 2015 requirements. The same great meter that made a name for the On Call® Plus is now available with a fast time to result (5 seconds), tiny sample size (0.5µL) and complies with more stringent accuracy requirements. You can now enjoy the same reliable meter with new and improved features.

User Friendly Features

• On Call® Plus II strips can be used with the On Call Plus meter
• Results in just 5 seconds
• Only a tiny 0.5 µL sample required

Smart Data Management

• Easy PC Download with USB Cable
• On Call® Diabetes Management Software allows for better data analysis

Accurate & Reliable Performance

• Clinically proven accuracy within +/- 15%
• Complies with new ISO 15197
• Glucose Oxidase enzyme does not have interference from maltose, galactose, xylose and lactose

Product Specifications

The On Call® Plus II Blood Glucose Monitoring System offers accurate and reliable results. The smart and powerful data management is compatible with the On Call® AppLink Bluetooth Adaptor and the On Call® Anywhere Diabetes Manager.

Feature Specification
Enzyme Glucose Oxidase (GOD)
Calibration Method Code chip
Test Time 5 seconds
Sample Size 0.5 μL
Sample Type Fresh capillary whole blood
Test Range 1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L (20 – 600mg/dL)
Hematocrit Range 30 – 55%
Operating Temp Range 5 – 45 °C (41 – 113 °F)
Operating Humidity Range 10 – 90%
Memory Storage 300 records with date and time
Test Averaging 7, 14 and 30 day averages
Automatic Shutoff 2 minutes after last action
Meter Size 85 x 54 x 20.5 mm
Display Size 35 x 32.5 mm


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