About Us

Ekoweb Ltd was founded in 1995, and the company now has over 20 years of solid experience in the health care industry. Ekoweb Ltd offers a wide range of health care and related products, for professional as well as home-use. Ekoweb Ltd focuses on In vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and point-of care (POC) tests, and has a range of Vet products as well.

Taking full advantage of the wealth of supply routes between Europe, the US and Asia, Ekoweb Ltd will continue to offer the health sector, hospital districts, laboratories and end-user a range of efficient, high quality, smartly priced health care products.

Ekoweb Ltd also offers a wide range of health care products and services to its neighboring countries and other Scandinavian health care professionals. Through high quality products and dependable customer service, Ekoweb Ltd has earned itself a solid reputation in the health care industry.

Ekoweb Ltd is constantly working towards increasing the sales of its existing products and to improve its customer experience. At the same time the company actively develops and adapts its product portfolio to match the changing and growing market demand.

Ekoweb Ltd has an ISO(9001:2015) certified quality system (certification n.: 109144-2012-AQ-FIN-FINAS). Ekoweb Ltd has a professionally skilled and knowledgeable management, as well as a reliable management system.

In short, Ekoweb Ltd stresses the importance of high quality products, sincere concern for its customers and the importance of skilled, professional service, the company’s main goal being customer satisfaction.

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