On Call® Advanced

The On Call® Advanced Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides accurate testing across a wide hematocrit range and allows for testing of capillary, venous, arterial, and neonatal blood. Features including meal-markers and test reminders result in a meter that suits diverse testing needs while also providing convenience and ease of use. The On Call® Advanced is certified compliant with ISO 15197 2015.

Convenient Features

• Strip ejector allows for easy strip disposal to avoid contamination
• Meal-markers included to monitor results before and after meals

Fast and Accurate Testing

• Wide hematocrit range of 10 – 70%
• Accurate results available in just 5 seconds

Sampling Versatility

• Capable of testing capillary, venous, arterial and neonatal blood
• Supports alternate site testing including palm and forearm

Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Enzyme GDH – PQQ
Calibration Method No coding
Test Time 5 seconds
Sample Size 0.8 μL
Sample Type Fresh Whole Blood (capillary, venous, arterial, and neonatal)
Test Range 0.6 – 33.3 mmol/L (10 – 600mg/dL)
Hematocrit Range 10 – 70%
Operating Temp Range 5 – 45ºC (41 – 113 °F )
Operating Humidity Range 10 – 90%
Memory Storage 500 records with date and time
Test Averaging 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90-day averages
Automatic Shutoff 2 minutes after last action
Meter Size 90 x 58 x 21 mm
Display Size 41 mm x 37 mm


Test Strips

Control Solution

Lancing Device & Lancets